Licensed in NY, NJ, PA, FL, GA, ME, VA
NMLS #1133788

Mortgage Depot

MortgageDepot and Stella Shalamova join forces on, catering to clients’ mortgage financing requirements. This partnership ensures comprehensive assistance for customers seeking seamless, tailored mortgage solutions. With MortgageDepot’s expertise and Shalamova’s guidance, enhances its service portfolio, providing a holistic approach to addressing clients’ diverse financial needs. Through collaborative efforts, they aim to streamline the mortgage process, offering informed advice and support, fostering a smoother home buying experience. The combined strengths of MortgageDepot and Stella Shalamova reflect a commitment to excellence, aiming to elevate’s offerings in the competitive real estate landscape.

MortgageDepot offers a wide range of loan programs to meet the complex qualifying needs of our borrowers. Some of the many loan programs that are available to you are:

At MortgageDepot, we are often known to help our customers with unique lending situations even if other lenders have been unable to help. Regardless of how seemingly complex or challenging your loan request is, we are happy to show you the options that are available to you. Simply connect with us at any time by phone at 800-220-5626 or email us at the email listed below. We are looking forward to working together.