Home Selling Tips: Renovations

Oct 12, 2022


If you are preparing to sell your home in Queens County soon, you understandably want to attract a qualified buyer who is willing to pay top dollar for it. Homes that are in high demand in the local area have appealing aesthetics throughout every room. If your home has a dated look, it may be beneficial to complete a few renovations before listing it for sale.

Kitchen and Bathrooms
The kitchen and bathrooms are unique spaces because so many features are built into the home. While you may have easily updated the furnishings in your bedrooms and living spaces over the years, the kitchen and bathroom fixtures may have grown increasingly dated and worn. In many cases, the cost of renovations in these spaces may be largely recouped through the sale. Be aware, however, that the finishes that you select will impact your home’s appeal and value.

Like the fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms, flooring can take on a worn and dated look over time. Because of the large surface area covered by flooring, an update can create a major improvement to décor. At the same time, it can give your home a renewed look that may be more appealing to buyers.

Finishing Touches
Another important area to consider is the finishing touches throughout the home. Features like doors and doorknobs, molding and light fixtures have a bold impact on décor and modern appeal. Updating these features is a cost-effective and relatively easy way to show your home in the most positive light.

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